Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a passion to make a difference in our local community, helping improve education for young children. We have aligned our Corporate Social Responsibility with the 4th sustainable goal of Quality Education. Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

For every permanent placement made by our recruiters, we will be donating the Valuing Children Initiative books to the Achievers Club (sending through certificates to the candidates we have placed).

Find out more about the two organisations below:

Charity partner

The Valuing Children Initiative was established in 2016 to create greater societal awareness of children and their needs. They believe it is important to shift individual collective attitudes so that it is ordinary and commonplace for adults to recognise and acknowledge the value of children. The Valuing Children Four pillar book series explores four core pillars of Listening, Voice, Safety and Growth. The books have been created by the Valuing Children Initiative to support children’s literacy and to provide parents and teachers with opportunities to connect and discuss important issues with children.

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Community partner

The Achievers Club provides weekly out-of-school mentoring and tuition support for selected children from low socio-economic backgrounds who are experiencing learning and/or adjustment difficulties. Over a six-year period, it has been developed and refined by a retired community member and our President, Danny McEvoy, into a community service program supported by the City of Wanneroo. This initiative started in 2011/12 with an idea for a homework club.

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